Passing a Urine Test with the Help of Synthetic Urine

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My Synthetic Urine Story

It must be that time of the year again when newbies are starting at their first jobs or even old employees are getting ready for the annual physical exams that their companies require them to pass.

If you have been healthy and an angel, then you probably won’t have anything to worry about; take the test, pass urine test, no sweat, right?

However, for some of us who just had to live life on the edge and enjoy the benefits of nature, even when deemed “bad” by policies, we have some serious cleansing to face in order to pass urine drug test with flying colors and land that job or renew that contract.

Yes, I am talking about that occasional (or constant; I don’t judge) marijuana or weed engagements we have here and there. There are a lot of countries and states that have legalized marijuana and Science has admitted to the healing benefits of the drug, yet somehow, it only led to companies becoming stricter with their drug test requirements.

The issue on marijuana and its good or bad implications on the human body is another major issue that we can get to someday else. For now, what we should focus on is helping you pass that upcoming drug test, especially if you had your last weed session only a day before your scheduled drug exam. Because let’s face it, is it even possible at all to pass a urine drug test in a short span of time? If so, then the bigger question is “how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours?”

The answer? Yes. And your best bet is “Fake Urine Kit.”

Yes, you read it right. Man-made urine.

And while this method has proven to be one of the most effective means to pass a marijuana urine test, there are still some things that one must be wary of.

A lot of people have found out how to use synthetic urine to pass their drug test. I for one am a living testament of the effectiveness of synthetic urine, especially the one I used when I was trying to pass a marijuana drug test myself.

I used a powdered urine kit that saved my future, after it made me pass a drug test on such a short notice. I barely had time to read reviews and whatnot. I trusted that the product would work (because I had no other choice), and was more than grateful when it pulled through for me.

So, yeah, synthetic urine is absolutely the savior of today’s marijuana-smoking people (but only those who are still in places where it is prohibited).

However, since the invention of these “life-saving” products, companies have also taken measures in order to — first, make sure that employees do not find the leeway to switch their urine with a fake one, and second, find ways to detect whether a urine sample is authentic or fake.

This means that the use of fake urine should be paired with other steps, which I will discuss to you in the following paragraphs. Note that everything I write here are of my own personal experience and research. I might not even have the capacity to be running this blog right now if I was not saved by synthetic urine from getting fired. So, I felt this moral obligation to help those fellow employees out there. Especially us hardworking people who do not let the effect of marijuana ever get in the way of our productivity at work.

Also, it needs a lot of urine luck to make it out unscathed and undetected in all of these steps, so better be sure to read as carefully and follow the tips with all your strength.

Does Fake Urine Work?

Yes, synthetic urine works very well. Again, I am living proof of this after being saved by that Test Clear’s powdered synthetic urine. However, despite the rush of that experience, and almost not being able to fully comprehend the instructions of the product, It has become important to me now that you have to be able to follow all the steps in order to succeed in your attempt to pass that drug test. Perhaps, the question to actually ask is when it is best to use fake urine, and when it could be the worst idea to use it.

And for those who are more than just marijuana users (cocaine, LSD, methamphetamines, opiates, etc.), fear not and just keep on reading, because even when this article is greatly focused on weed users, the fake urine stunt can still help you. This technique does not depend on whatever drug you are taking, since the way to make it work is to just imitate the components of human and clean urine.

When is it best to use a synthetic urine kit?

There are four basic things that you have to note before deciding whether or not the fake urine stunt is your best option. Make sure to be honest to yourself about the situation and answer these situations truthfully so that you do not end up compromising the effectiveness of fake urine sample and end up failing your drug exam.


This is quite self-explanatory. When you do not have eyes on you, then you can pretty much just pretend to pee inside the bathroom, all the while already transferring the fake pee into the sample cup that your lab technician has provided for you to supposedly, actually pee on. So, if you are scheduled for a test, go ahead and poke around in order to find out if indeed the test is unsupervised. You are one lucky pal if you land this situation because again, it makes the stunt incredibly easy.

Lucky for me, this was the kind of exam I had to go through. Yes, it was a surprise drug test, but at least it was unsupervised. So, in a way, the abruptness of the exam was compensated with the minimal supervision. The minimal supervision gave me ample time to prepare the urine and to be less scared in using the fake urine. This was also beneficial because again, I was not able to fully read the instructions beforehand. So, the little time I had inside the bathroom really gave me the chance to digest the steps.


Now, if this is the case, then NOT reading the instructions will surely be a trouble. Hence, you are very right to be reading this blog right now, so that you will be able to fully prepare for the “showdown.”

In this situation, you might have ended up finding out that your drug screening will be supervised. So the next thing you have to find out is “how supervised” the tests will be.

There are cases now that a lab technician would actually watch as you take off your pants and would be so invasive that they would actually watch as the urine leaves your body and into the cup. This is seriously a thing, and it is all because of the fact that fake urine are in existent and they do not want to get fooled.

However, there are still some companies who understand just how awkward those situations could be, and only supervise to a certain extent.

Hence, when faced with a supervised test, be sure to find out the extent or the ‘buts’ of their supervision, and find out if you can find the opportunity to switch the fake urine. You can outsmart their supervision by using fake urinators with backstraps, so you can still pretend to be peeing your own urine, when actually, you are squeezing out the fake urine with the help of the fake urinators, and into the sample cup.

If it’s a pre-employment drug test, then you should be safe from the super invasive supervision since I do not think that going all in on a drug test for aspiring employees would help them land aspirants. It would just be too much, right?

Other techniques on how to hide the fake urine kit are as follows:

  • A classic technique is to have the bag taped up the inner thigh.
  • Wear two pieces of underwear with the fake sample concealed and tucked in between them.
  • For females, whether you desire it or not, especially for those that have stricter supervision, you can have the sample tucked inside your vagina. This is truly an option that fellow weed-fanatics had end up doing just to escape the wrath of a positive result on your drug test urine.
  • Another option for females, a less invasive one, and applicable if the supervision is not too tough, is to put the sample inside your bra. Usually, a sports bra and a loose blouse will do the trick.

But of course, the above sample of a fake urinator or pee belt is the best thing you can have, as long as you have the money to buy synthetic urine and other items.


This is what I did, given the time constraint. I had no time to compare products and read the efficiency of each brand. I had to be back in the office, as if I was not trying to escape the wrath of the upcoming drug test. Hence, I went with the standard idea that “high quality will be pricey.” Thankfully, it was not at all pricey, especially if you consider that buying the product is way more cheap than losing your job.

There is no need to explain why those of higher quality are your best bet for these kinds of situations. You are aiming to be undetected, so if you put in cheap fake urine, chances are, the labs would find it easier to detect just how fake your urine is.  Remember, labs are aware that fake urine exists, so they are also upping their game in determining these things. So, if you settle for fake products, or old products that once worked but are now easily detected, or products that are not able to counter the detecting mechanisms of labs, then you could just as well submit your “weed induced” urine instead because submitting that, and having the lab find out that your pee is fake, are the same stories.


Literally ME. I had no other choice. It was a surprise test. I could just be thankful I found a way to sneak out of the office and get me that heaven sent synthetic urine.

Now, when there is no other option, it means that there is just no other chance for you to pass the drug test if you do not use the fake urine. When don’t you have any other option? Well, maybe, when you just smoked a ton of weed and your company scheduled you for a surprise drug test the very next day (ME!).

No detox method is ever going to clean your system in time for you to submit clean urine for drug test or authentic urine sample, so might as well purchase a synthetic urine kit. It won’t be too difficult, if the first three conditions have also been met. But if one of the above-mentioned is hindering you to successfully switch your fake pee, then just be sure to hail “may the odds be ever in your favor,” and hope that the odds do indeed turn to your favor.

How the above-mentioned situations pan out for you will greatly determine the answer to the question “will using synthetic urine allow me to pass my drug test?” Again, answer truthfully so that you do not avoid getting caught and ending up being accused as a fraud because right now, being a fraud is far serious crime than actually being a pothead (assuming that marijuana is legal in your area).

But, if the situations above show out to be for your favor, then by all means, go on right ahead and use the technique, because you have higher chances of acquiring a successful rate.

What to do if you cannot use synthetic urine?

If, after assessing the situation you find that it is just too impossible to achieve a negative result on the drug test using the synthetic urine, then what are your other options? How to pass urine drug test then?

If you find yourself in that situation, then cleansing yourself through proper THC detox then using your real pee, would be the much safer route to pass your urine drug screen, in my opinion.

Undergoing a detox routine weeks before your drug tests is a different topic all on its own, so you can find relevant information about that in another blog entry. Just remember that detoxifying is only a great option if you have enough time to actually cleanse your body from the chemicals brought by weed and other drugs. Also, you must have the discipline and the restrain to follow the routine, as well as refrain from smoking any more pot (at least until the drug test has been completed and your results has come back).

Before learning what the other options are, it is equally important to understand the basic components of urine so that you can understand how to pass a urine test and how to counter these components and make them nonexistent during a drug test.

What is in urine and what do drug tests look for in them?

Now, this section of the blog is pure research. After successfully being saved by this wonderful product, I have decided to read on how synthetic products work, so that I can assure myself that it was not “magic” that saved me from the wrath of unemployment, but the wonderful effectiveness of that powdered synthetic urine.

The first thing that they do to a urine sample is perform EMIT – Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technqiue. A strip is dipped into the sample and depending on the color that the strip turns into, the lab technicians can compare those colors their bacteria, virus, and chemical equivalent, therefore easily finding out if a urine sample has components of weed, or any other type of drug for that matter.

Of course, there is already a standard color for what a clean urine looks like, so the very second that the dip strip changes color into something other than the normal, you can be sure that further tests will be conducted to determine what you have been up to that made your urine react differently.

The test performed is usually a GC-MS – Gas Chromotograpy-Mass Spectrometry. This by far is the most common way that technicians use to confirm what other substances have been present in the urine that made it react differently to the dip strip. This is still performed despite charts that showcase possible causes because it is an effective means to avoid mistakes and have further evidence.

Here are other things that technicians conduct on a urine test, depending on the results of the dip strip test.

Adulteration Check

Now, when the colors of the dip strip do not go towards your favor, and you are pretty sure that it won’t, another tip is that you prepare a “natural” explanation as to why your urine turned out the way it did. This means you can relate the out-of-the-normal coloration of your urine sample to a certain illness that you have at the time of the drug testing, or relate it to a medical condition since birth, or whatever else possible reason you could think of.

You can also include “chemical” factors like a prescription medication you are currently taking, or any other product with strong chemical components that could have affected your urine tests result.

However, even when your examiners are open enough to listen to your reasons, the fact that the urine did not do well in the color test will surely make them want to perform other checking techniques, and adulteration check is one of them, and no, it is not that kind of adulteration.

Adulteration in this case refers to the other meaning of the word, which is the “tampering of a sample or specimen.” This is done in order to check if the urine sample is authentic or fake, diluted, or tampered with in any other way.

Here are the steps that the Adulteration check examines in one’s urine in order to establish if tampering has been done or not:

  • Color and odor – Though not formally part of the assessment, if your urine looks and whiffs like water, or any other substance smell aside from urine smell, then it’s common sense to think that it could be diluted, which would then make the technician decide to do extra testing. To counter this, it would be worth noting that Vitamin B sources are usually included in the mixture when diluting urine, because it gives the yellowish color that you need to be present in your pee to make it believably authentic.
  • Creatinine levels – If your sample does not have a creatinine level higher than 15 mg/kg of body-weight, it means that the sample is pretty much diluted.
  • Glutaraldehyde – This chemical does not exist in natural, human urine. Hence, when this is detected in your urine sample, then the technician will be very confident to declare that you have tampered with your sample.
  • Nitrate – Similar to Glutaraldehyde, this component should not be present in urine. Cheap urine kits will have the possibility of adding this component to the mixture, so instead of helping, it could wind up making the examiners detect that what you submitted was fake urine. Be sure to check the ingredients of your fake urine for drug test and when you see these two components listed, then forget about buying that product.
  • pH – Standard pH in urine ranges from 4.6 and 8. However, a few notches up or down the range can still be pretty much acceptable. However, if the result is way out of range, then technicians can pretty much conclude that the sample is contaminated or tampered with.
  • Specific gravity – This discloses the concentration of solutes and compactness of your urine tester compared to water. Proper urine testing is greatly observed to determine this factor. The reference range for specific gravity is 1.005-1.030. Again, anything out of that range will spell “tampered” for the technician.
  • Temperature – What temperature is urine? It must be between 90 °F and 100 °F or 32-38 °C to not appear suspicious. This is actually an important factor that you should be very aware of when using synthetic pee because you will need to match the temperature of your fake pee with this given normal temperature range of human urine.
  • Urea – One of the recently added compounds that laboratories have begun testing for during drug test. This factor should be present in your urine. If there is no trace of Urea, then technicians will be immediately aware that the sample is nothing more but synthetic pee.
  • Uric acid – Same as Urea, a pee sample that has no uric acid will only mean that the sample is fake.

With a lot of these things to watch out for, you can pretty much see by now why quality synthetic urine is overly important when pulling this stunt. A high-grade fake urine kit will be able to escape the wrath of an adulteration test by passing all these specific things, whereas low-grade ones will surely slip up in at least one of these things, and we all know that it would only take one for the technician to fail you in your drug urine test.

Where to Buy Synthetic Urine and other options

“Where can I buy synthetic urine?” That is probably the question you are asking right about now.

As mentioned, there are already a lot of synthetic urine kits available in the market. However, it is ultimately best to buy from a trusted manufacturer in your area.

I know, it is a little weird for me to be lecturing where to buy, especially because I just bought the one I used in the nearest small-time drug store in our office area. But this does not mean I should stop from helping you to be fully prepared and to be fully aware on where and how to buy this product.

Below is a list of the kinds of fake urine kits you can choose from. Note, however, that these synthetic urine reviews are all from my personal view, understanding, and to some extent, experience, on the products. We all have our differences, most especially in what our body excretes, so these reviews may not be how your body and urine reacts to them. Use these info and reviews as guide so that you would at the very least have an idea on how to go about your synthetic urine kit hunt.

Again, here are the three of the best synthetic urine kits that I have sizable knowledge on that I wish to share:

  1. Magnum Synthetic Urine Kit

This kit includes a heater pad and a temperature strip. It also provides the instructions for use, which is probably best to be read and understood before you actually set foot in the office during your scheduled drug exam.

The heater has only a limited amount of hours to keep the fake urine temperature intact, so if you are not sure what the exact time of your tests is, it is best find out how to keep urine warm for drug test, which is to have a reserve warming pad or heater, and also a digital thermometer, since the temperature strip could only be used once as well. Of course, all the while you wait, you might wonder how to keep urine at body temperature. Well, just store it as close to your body as possible while waiting, like in your upper thighs or just anywhere concealed in your body.

If you prepare the product according to the instructions, you will have everything you need to make sure that your fake pee passes the drug test and remains undetected in the procedures of laboratory probing.

It smells and acts like normal urine should. This is most especially great for those who are fortunate to have enough time to prepare and heat up the magnum detox synthetic urine sample before the scheduled drug exam. Not too great for those who are bombed with a surprise drug text because the heating process takes time.

  1. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit

Quick Fix synthetic urine reviews show that this product is possible the most well-known artificial urine product there is, at least based on numerous quick fix urine reviews. The product has an original variety and a plus version, the dissimilarity being how much urine you get.

You must warm it with a heater to desired temperature of urine, which can take up to 45 minutes unless you could get your hands on a microwave, in which case, the time would be much faster.

Unlike the first product, the QF urine kit does not smell of anything in particular, hence, it could be quite suspicious. But aside from that, all the rest of the features of the first one are also available with quickfix urine.

This particular product has had negative reviews before because it was easily detected by lab test and came as “not-human” when they were able to device means to detect the synthetic urine drug test products.

However, as it turns out, those that failed the drug tests were actually products of counterfeit, illegally distributed to stores while bearing the Quick Fix urine brand. Thankfully, the issue has been resolved and the counterfeits have been addressed. Still, when purchasing quick fix plus synthetic urine products, you have to be sure to avail from reputable sources.

  1. Sub-Solution / Powdered urine kit

This is the engineered pee I utilized. It has an edge over the rest of the products available in the market because on the off chance that you have to, you can easily warm it up in a matter of seconds, foregoing the wait that could sometimes be as long as 30 minutes for other products and their warming cushions.

This, of course, is on the grounds that aside from the powdered urine, it is accompanied by a synthetic warming powder, just  like the once I used. You can blend some of this with the pee so as to warmth it up to the temperature that is the range for normal human pee.

I was incredulous at first with respect to this product and its style of warming since it was something new. I had my fears. Is the product really undetectable? Is it difficult to hit the right temperature? Yet, it now stands clear to me that, personally, it is the better choice. Afterall, it ACTUALLY saved me! How can it not be the best choice? The kit even includes a temperature strip so that you can be really sure that the pee temperature is similar to how a normal pee should be.

This product is above others really because of its heating powder. If you are not scheduled for a couple more hours and your fake urine is hiding in your office table, then chances are, it would lose its heat and will no longer reflect the exact temperature necessary to pass the drug test. With Sub-Solution, that worry is out of the picture and time is definitely saved up since you would no longer need to use the microwave or a heating pad.

This is also super useful for those surprise drug tests in your company. With other products, you will have to find ways to get to a microwave or ask for a minimum of 30 minutes to pretend to finish up on work, when in fact you are waiting for your fake pee to warm up enough to pass the test. However, with this product, just as I did, you can easily beat random testing because you have an instant heating mechanism in the form of the heating powder.

To top that benefit from this particular product, in my experience, this product is the most urine-like fake pee there is, including its color, and odor. It even foams up when shaken. While I do not think anybody likes what actual urine smells like, the fact that this one is as unpleasant as actual urine is, is a positive thing, because it means that it would be more convincing in its role to pass as actual, authentic, human urine.

Another thing I like particularly though is that Sub-Solution actually behaves like urine should. This avoids unnecessary suspicion that may warrant further testing of your sample. It looks like urine, smells like urine and foams when you shake the container.

Other products that you can choose from are the Upass synthetic urine and the p-sure synthetic urine. These products can also be at par with the above-mentioned brands, just as long as, again, they are bought from reputable sources and are legitimate products.


There will always be the possibility of this technique going wrong and lab technicians detecting that what you gave them is fake urine. However, if you follow the instructions to the detail, then you can be saved from the trouble of failing your drug test.

These products have all reported that they have had no complaints about the products effectiveness (except for Quick Fix’s counterfeit issue). The only time that the products failed was when the fake samples were not heated properly to achieve the believable temperature and this mistake is already something that depends on the user, not on the product itself.

It is also important to remember that when you are looking for your synthetic pee, and when reading reviews online, you have to be sure to check on the dates of the review. As I have repeated quite often in this entire article, drug testing laboratories are continuously looking for ways to combat synthetic urine for drug test, as much as these companies are also doing what they can to be a step ahead of the other. So, for you to not get caught in the crossfire, be sure to read the most recent reviews on products, so that you do not end up using outdated and sure-fail fake urine kits.


So, again, YES, synthetic urine is your best bet when it comes to dodging the bullet of that dreaded drug test. It is toxin free and it has been long proven and tested to help our fellows pass numerous drug examinations.

When you plan to use this product, you just have to make sure that the circumstance permits you to use the product without getting detected.

Aside from helping you pass your drug test, the product can also be used in other ways. It can be a great prop for whatever you see it fit – making a short video that needs the casting of fake pee, or if you have plans of doing a prank on someone using fake pee (it is not as harmful as  real human pee so it’s a safer bet on pranks), and it can also be a great mosquito repellant.

Nevertheless, no matter how you use the synthetic urine, just be sure to always, always, read instructions with great care, and look for synthetic urine for sale that are from reputable sources.