The more people struggle with drugs, the more options there are to pass the drug tests. There are people who are not regular users of drugs and some are just even first timers. However, fate could play a trick on them if for some reason, the very time they tried recreational marijuana, the company they work for decides to conduct a drug test. No matter how you try to explain your way out of it, if your results come out positive, you could end up losing your job.

However, as mentioned earlier, there are now ways to pass drug tests, and one of which is synthetic urine. This is a much recommended option which works out every time as long as all the requirements are followed strictly.

So, what must authentic synthetic urine contain so that you can be sure you would pass your drug test?

  1. It must have the natural components of urine like uric acid. The past years, this is something that was not considered, but as laboratories become more aware of the existence of synthetic urine, they also improved their standards and methods in detecting fake urine. Hence, fake urine without uric acid will only tell labs that the urine submitted was synthetic.
  2. Urine is naturally warm, so submitting fake urine that just clearly came out from a bottle will immediately signal the lab technician that what you provided was not real. Knowing this, be sure to check if your synthetic urine kit includes a temperature strip and a heating pad.
  3. You have to know if you are supervised during the procedure. If not, then you can easily swap the fake urine into the sample cup. However, if you are going to be supervised, you have to buy tools that can help you transfer your fake urine into the cup without being detected. Whizzinators come handy for this.
  4. Beware of counterfeit synthetic urine kits.